AWANA Calendar

2016-2017 Calendar

11 Welcome/Kick-off event
18 Movie character night (Dress like your favorite movie character dresses)
25 Team spirit night (Dress in your AWANA team colors)

2 Crazy sock night (Wear your craziest socks)
9 Penny night (Bring pennies for our missionaries)
16 Flag night (Bring a country’s flag other than USA and a fact about that country)
23 Music night (Bring music by or a picture of your favorite band/artist)
30 No AWANA – Fall Festival immediately following church

6 AWANA store night
13 70s night (Dress like the fad in the 70s… Break out the bell-bottom jeans!)
20 No AWANA – Happy Thanksgiving!
27 No AWANA – Happy Thanksgiving!

4 Food pantry night (Bring a non-perishable food item)
11 Half night (Clubbers halfway through their books get extra AWANA dollars)
18 No AWANA – Merry Christmas!
25 No AWANA – Merry Christmas!

1 No AWANA – Happy New Year!
8 Crazy hat night (Wear a crazy hat or a regular hat a crazy way)
15 Mismatch night (Don’t match any clothes… Mom would never pick these outfits)
22 Western night (Wear something western… yee-haw!)
29 AWANA store night

5 No AWANA – Super Bowl Sunday!
12 Appreciation night (Write a nice note to an AWANA leader)
19 College day (Dress in gear or colors from your favorite college/university)
26 No AWANA – Chili cook-off/auction immediately following church

5 Food pantry night (Bring a non-perishable food item)
12 No AWANA – Spring Break
19 No AWANA – Spring Break
26 Video game night (Dress like you came from your favorite video game)

2 Double dollar night (All AWANA dollars earned tonight are doubled)
9 Bring a friend night
16 No AWANA – Happy Easter!
23 Finish night (Extra AWANA dollars for those who have finished their books)
30 AWANA store and awards program (Last AWANA of the year)