Elijah Morgan
Worship Director

Elijah Morgan Worship Director

Elijah has grown up in San Antonio with his parents and two brothers. He has been interested in music and singing since he was a toddler and over the years has learned several instruments including the guitar, piano, bass guitar, drum set, and ukulele. In his free time Elijah loves to hang out and joke around with friends, play sports and exercise, organize and clean, listen to podcasts, and keep up with the latest music in the rap, pop, hip-hop, R&B, and worship scene. He also loves to watch the NBA (GO SPURS GO!). His favorite books of the Bible are Acts and Romans for their look at church history, faith leaders, and theological wisdom. Elijah is passionate about creating meaningful worship experiences that help people encounter God in unique and real ways.

Elijah’s favorite thing about CHCC: the vulnerable and down-to-earth hearts of its close-knit community.